About Me

My name is Martin Andrén Stewart- I'm a writer and I'm represented by the wonderful Molly Ker Hawn of The Bent Agency. You can follow me on Twitter: @isleofbrona. 

My work has bits of fantasy and grit, crime and horror, a good helping of folklore... all the different kinds of stories I've loved boiled up in the mash tun that is my head. A sense of place is important in what I write, and I try to create a very clear sensory image of my characters' world: if one of my characters farts, I want you to open a window. 

For the lists of things I've loved and am currently enjoying (books, films and TV), check out my page of Awesome Things. These things are the raw ingredients- the lips and eyelids, if you will- that go into the sausages of my imagination, and should help give you some idea of the stuff that comes out the other end.

Finally, these are my cats: Wilma and Eli. Based on my Twitter-stalking a lot of writers seemed to have cats, so my quest for publication began, inevitably, with a kitten. 

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